Position Title: 

RF / Antenna Junior Engineer



Usually the work in the company office (Ashdod, Israel), but may be also at customer.

Weekly Working Hours:

Minimum 30 hours

Essential Job Functions:

To work with the team of engineers, to perform and assist the following:

  1. Design and analysis of microwave devices, antennas and sensors using simulation tools: ANSYS HFSS, HFSS-IE, Circuit Designer, SBR+ (Savant), etc.
  2. Implementation of prototypes – hands on work
  3. Performing RF measurements using Network Analyzer and Spectrum Analyzer
  4. Using Octave software (similar to MATLAB)
  5. Assistance to customers in finding the best engineering solution
  6. Preparing presentations and reports
  7. Participating in seminars / exhibitions and introducing the company

Reports to:

RF / Antenna Team Leader

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Studying a B.Sc Electrical Engineering in 4th year second semester
  • Minimum average grade – 80
  • Good theoretical understanding of electromagnetic fields / waves theory
  • Good theoretical understanding of basic RF Engineering, digital and analog modulation and demodulation, digital signal processing
  • Experience in using HFSS / CST software (preferable in the final project)
  • Studying RF / Antennas and MATLAB courses
  • Lab experience in using Network Analyzer and Spectrum Analyzer

Additional Skills:

  • Strong written, verbal and interpersonal skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Must be self-motivated and multitask
  • Working under pressure – ability to complete assigned tasks under stressful situations and short time constraints
  • Must have passion and drive for personal technical excellence and high performance
  • Ability and desire to work cooperatively with others on a team

Company Description

EM Infinity is a design house, specializes in electromagnetic design, including development, simulations, algorithms and measurements.

Development of antennas, including smart antenna arrays for MIMO and radars, microwave devices, bio-medical electromagnetic devices, scattering analysis, Signal Integrity and EMI / EMC simulations are part of our expertise.

EM Infinity team includes very experienced engineers with MSc and Ph.D degrees in Electrical Engineering with RF / Microwaves / Antennas specialty.

Using our knowledge and the world’s leading simulation tools, we propose accurate and creative solutions for complex challenges in electromagnetics.