We offer a complete process of antenna development:

  • Theoretical Analysis
  • Design
  • Simulations
  • Prototype implementation and manufacturing
  • S Parameters and radiation pattern measurements
  • Consulting and accompanying mass production process

For antennas design we use ANSYS simulation tools such as:

  • HFSS
    • Finite Element Method (FEM)
    • Method of Moments (MoM)
    • Finite Boundary Integral Equation (FEBI)
    • Physical Optics (PO)
  • Powerful circuit design for matching and decoupling networks


Examples of some antenna types and applications:

  • Miniaturized antennas

  • RFID antennas for tags and readers

  • Integrated antennas in devices and IoT

  • Dual-band and multi-band antennas

  • UWB antennas

  • Circular polarized antennas – directional and omni directional


  • Reconfigurable antennas, including microprocessor based control system

  • Waveguide based antennas

  • Antenna arrays with reduced mutual coupling between the elements

  • Phased array antennas, including beam / null steering
  • Low profile directive antennas using artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) structures

  • Reflector based antennas

  • Antenna arrays with feeding networks