The start of the 21st century has seen substantial growth in the use of electronic devices, including communication devices

This increase in electronics activity has posed potential electromagnetic interference (EMI) hazards for sensitive electrical and electronics equipment used in many areas

Often the EMI problem becomes evident only after a prototype has been built and tested. To address these concerns, simulation tools at the design stage are needed. Among the advantages of simulation we note that it can cut the cost and time needed to build and test a physical prototype and to check if a circuit will pass measurement tests in the early stages of the design.

Therefore, it is proposed to perform the EMI / EMC analysis in the development process of the product / system in order to identify critical issues and fix them in the beginning. Without using simulation tools may cause to re-design, design time and cost could double and triple, causing the company to loose time and money.

Furthermore, if a sub-system needs to be re-designed, design time and cost could double and triple.

EM Infinity provides accurate and comprehensive simulation analysis of the entire system, including:

  • Near field
  • Far field
  • Currents density on PCB conductors of a multilayer board
  • Planar electric / magnetic field density close to PCB
  • TDR analysis
  • S Parameters
  • Induced voltage and current
  • Shielding analysis (including magnetic shielding)

Using simulation analysis, we may identify the causes for EMI problems and suggest solutions.